The 4 Dangers of Cold Market Recruiting

4 Dangers of Cold Market Recruiting

Old School Networking and Cold Market Recruiting

Old school networking did not typically deploy the powerful strategies of attraction marketing but instead focused heavily on techniques that used cold market recruiting.

After starting by approaching friends and family – probably in a very annoying way,  you then build your network by  recruiting targets previously unknown to you. This is what is known as cold market recruiting.

This would mean developing a sales patter that would be used in every bar, restaurant, bus station etc in a very structured way to recruit new followers into your opportunity.

Some are very good at this -most are not.

And so the internet became a massive draw – those who weren’t comfortable could do the same hiding behind the screen by doing online cold targeting.

This developed into a spamming existence, joining for example Facebook groups and private messaging members by engaging in a text conversation which would lead to providing a link to their opportunity.

This video looks at how network marketing works and the 4 dangers of cold market recruiting.


4 Dangers exist with this approach:

1 Focus is on you and therefore not helping them

2 It is Agenda Orientated – and so is not a natural conversation. This undoes any attempt to sell.

3 Alienation – you quickly get a reputation and people avoid you. Bad reputations spread quickly.

4 Facebook! They will quickly see a pattern – when a link is overused in this way, as it will be with this type of spamming links, they will blacklist or ban the link. They may also ban your account!

The only way to build audiences is to get people to follow you, not hunt them down.

This is called Attraction Marketing. Facebook love this type of marketing and actively whitelist operators such as Elite Marketing Pro when they teach marketing on the internet correctly.

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This really is the most powerful way of ‘cold’ targeting.

So my advice is to sign up for your free course at and start building your loyal audience today.

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