Oracle Online is a business education website dedicated to the success of its students. Oracle was founded by Andy Snowdon  in 2012 to help their team members create strong businesses online with the aid of  coaching, video and tutorial education.

Andy’s comment in 2015 “The secret was to stop worrying about making money. I focused on enjoying everything and enjoying teaching others how to master all sorts of internet issues. As soon as I started doing this, I started making money!”

Our mission statement  is to help our members obtain financial freedom and achieve their own online business goals through our structured support and training programmes.

Tools to be able to build a sales funnel, create a massive social media presence and to create your own digital products will all be made available to followers of this site.

Andy remains available at all times to help and guide our subscribers and they are all provide with his Skype and email address and mobile number so that they can seek his support at all times.

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