Why Attraction Marketing Is Critical For Your Business

Attraction Marketing

Struggling to Get Sales? You Need Attraction Marketing! Are you at that point in your business  where you feel that you’re putting in a huge amount of effort but still struggling to get leads and sell?   Chances are that you have not adopted attraction marketing techniques in your business. You need to become the hunted and not the…

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How to Create Incredible Content

epic content

  How did Steve Jobs become one the world’s most-revered business visionaries? It wasn’t for his engineering. He never did any. Another Steve—Steve Wozniak—built the first Apple computers. It wasn’t for his designs. The iMac, MacBook, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and nearly all flagship Apple products were designed by a man called Jonathan Ive. It wasn’t…

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16 Ways to Refine Your Facebook Ad Targeting

Refine Facebook Ad Targeting

How many people do you know WITHOUT a Facebook profile? Not too many, right? Check this out: over a billion people log into Facebook daily, generating over 4.5 billion “Likes” every 24 hours. You know what that means? A WEALTH of targeting data for advertisers like you and me! In fact, Facebook has more interest-based…

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How to Capture Leads

Capture more leads

Do you need to capture more leads? Chances are that all you’ve properly considered is how to drive more traffic to your offer? You need to also give more thought to how you capture that traffic. So let’s begin to  construct the “magic doorway” to your networking empire. In online marketing, there’s a special kind…

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When Acorns become Oaks

From Acorn to Oak

If you’ve started a business and it is still in its fledgling stage, how do you grow it to go from acorn to oak? The simple answer is to keep progressing each day. Form the Strategy So how do you do that? By keeping a clear strategy of how you’re going to grow it – what markets…

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Building Your List : A Simple Plan

How to Build Your List

List building can quite rightly be an obsessive  preoccupation for many businesses. If you want to run a business on-line, building your list of leads is critical. No list of targeted prospects means you have no sustainable business – it’s as simple as that. The list, usually stored with an auto-responder (an online software platform that…

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