How To Build Your Facebook Audience For Free

Two Great Ways To Build A Free Facebook Audience

Building a fan page can be a time consuming process and also quite expensive. For me, it’s also quite galling that even when you’ve got those fans at a cost (i.e. the cost of running a ‘likes’ campaign) you then find Facebook don’t show your posts to every fan.  If the post is nearly all text and a couple of images, it’s not unusual even with over 1000 fans to find that only 2  – 8 fans have been shown the post!

So what’s the point?

Well, it’s really important to build your fan-page with a targeted audience who are therefore receptive to any future content and promotions. When you run Facebook ads, you can then just target your fans and you will find the cost of ads much cheaper thasn seeking other prospects.

However, all is not lost. Facebook has two neat tricks within that can build your fan base for free:

1 To use the ‘Invite Friends’ link IF your friends are likely to be interested in your page i.e. if they share common interests. This is the case for me as I met many in the same interest groups.

2. If you’re running other ad campaigns you will often find people click on to the link to like the image. Check your notifications for this – click on where a likme occurs and you will be taken to the advert. Click on the list of likes and a pop-up window with ‘Invite’ comes up. Have a second bite of the cherry by inviting them to like your page. Even though you paid for the ad, this is a free extra benefit. You then get chep ads to those prospects in the future!

The video demonstrates this in more detail:


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