How to Make Great Image Quotes

How to Make Great Image Quotes

Image quotes are a really great way of getting engagement on your social media. Using inspiring quotes is something that a lot of users enjoy reading. Embedding this quote on an inspiring image is even more powerful.

In this way you will notice that you are far more likely to get your images shared by your fans and followers.

I find personally that my image quotes are four times as likely to be shared as my blog posts are! A very frustrating but nevertheless real point of note.

It is also a great way to keep content dripping in to your Twitter and Facebook pages and keeping those accounts active as well as maximising engagement. A perfect recipe for getting the thumbs up as a background for running your ads.

In the video below I show you how to produce the cover image using - The cool thing here is that the basic platform is free to join with payments being made (usually a mere$1) for certain images.

I don't discuss it in the video but of course you can add quotation marks to the quote itself.

Note that I have added also to this my own website so that there is effectively a call to action even in this simple image. As and when the image gets shared so the website that I want to attract visitors to gets promoted.

Making an image quote is quite simple once you get into the groove.

This video tells you how you can do this:

So if you're not using them , now is the time to beef up your social media presence.

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