A Simple Facebook Strategy to Get Leads

Simple Facebook Image Strategy

A Simple Strategy

Today I’m going to focus on a very simpleFacebook strategy that can really help to get leads to your site.

It’s the use of image quotes with a slight twist.

It comprises a few simple steps.

  1. Find an inspiring image (look at Google images, Unsplash.com and numerous other sites that store images.
  2. Find an inspiring quote – you will find them if you Google, or just review your newsfeeds on Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Use Canva.com or another image editor and put the text on the image. In addition it is useful to also put your website on this image as this could get shared or retweeted.

Using Images

For a tutorial on how to use Canva for this go to my YouTube channel by clicking here   (also note that Canva has its own stock of images to use, many of which are free).

Please could you take a second there to subscribe to my channel!

OR you can short cut this by Googling ‘image quotes’ and simply saving a suitable picture (but you won’t then have your own website mentioned.

So, for example, I Googled c’great quotes’ and the very first one on Page 1 I noted (already embedded in an image quote) was a Zig Ziglar one that I liked “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”. Perfect! I could just take the whole image but for a few minutes extra work I’d sooner use mine.

So I take this quote and go into Canva as per my video tutorial

So here is the finished product - just a few additional seconds to obtain, upload and edit the image but now with my website included.

Using Facebook

Once you have the image saved, you can then upload to Facebook. Facebook tend to show image quotes to more of your fans than they do text so you have the chance of a much higher circulation. however, be careful if you decide to boost the post as they don't like images with more than 20% of text. You may need to structure slightly differently with smaller text if that's your goal.

When your image is uploaded then BEFORE you hit 'Post' put in some narrative. You should aim to use an aspect of the quote and move to a Call To Action which puts your website into play. Better still you could aim to send your traffic directly to a capture page by even aiming to advertise a free giveaway.

For example, in the image quote I've just built, I am now going to add a strap line - "To really get started, start building your one-click leads right here - www.oracle-online/list-builder/ " Make sure the link is clickable and if not then edit. I have found that sometimes copying and pasting into Facebook loses the link. If so then delete and re-enter.

The Art of Sharing

Once posted (usually into your business page) then share with your timeline and any relevant groups you are.

A useful extra is that image quotes are one of the most likely types of posts that others will share to their timelines - which gives a great way to get some viral marketing! And furthermore, your text and clink will also be shared (and it remains clickable).

Incidentally I will also use that same image quote to load into my tweeting software so that this is continually retweeted to my followers on Twitter. As always, re-purpose as much content as possible!

So, as I say, this is a simple Facebook strategy which is easy to implement and yet very few people who use image quotes rarely get all of it right. Do this several times a day and you spread your message, get shares and drive people to your capture page and you'll start going a long way!

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